About Us

                      We started as a sourcing agency in early 2013, in London. Since then, we have expanded our portfolio and range, to include bespoke manufacturing and homeware. 

Our list of customers includes both high street retailers and small independents.

We work directly with ateliers and factories, in Europe, and oversee the quality and working conditions for our partners. 

One of our biggest selling points is a fast turnaround for the whole process. 

                       With a big network of industry insiders, that can help us in every stage of production: fast technical quotes, fast responding suppliers, with a huge portfolio of in-stock fabrics and accessories,  great printing in-house equipment – that allows us to not rely on 3rd parties, and keep our prices super competitive. And of course, a proactive-team that works around the clock to deliver orders, usually before estimated delivery times. 

                        We look-up to businesses that have a transparent supply chain, and want to make sure our clients, know where their products are being made or sourced from. 

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